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Tom Crozier
A happy Tom Crozier

Radio Ranch 50 years on!
Story By Tom Crozier
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A Word From Hotfoot
Story By Kevin Knapp
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Phil Charley
A story by co founder, Moose Murphy:
Phil Charley

BlankPoint BlankPoint"
Happy Memories of the Radio Ranch days

Kevin Knapp
Kevin is enjoying his well earned retirement living in Tamworth.
Can anyone please help me fill in the history of Radio 2LM Lismore's very successful 1950's Radio Ranch. This program was extremely popular, it even had it's own monthly magazine called "Spurs" and a membership of thousands. Every member received their own membership badge and they wore it with pride to all the country music shows staged by radio 2LM.

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I remember Tom (Buck Hawkins) Crozier, Kevin (Hotfoot) Knapp, Dick (Trigger) McLaren, Geoff (Uncle Zeke) Ryan , Strat (Cactus) Ward & Phil (Moose Murphy) Charley at one time or another were compares of the show . I believe Phil & Dick were two of the movers & shakers in getting to program to air in the first place. I would love to hear from someone who could confirm these details or correct them.

Then there was Allan (Kanga) Carmichael & Brian (Ally) Baker. In the late 50's I know I was proud to be part of the touring shows produced by Allan & Brian and played in towns all around the north coast of NSW. One of the tours was based around Ken Parmenter who had just won Australian's Amateur Hour.

A wonderful story on Kevin written by Johnny Ashcroft printed in "Country Music Capital News" says it a whole lot better than I could say it on this great man it's well worth a read. HERE

Now let me think, who was on those shows? Of course the show was presented and compared by Allan & Brian with Ken as the star performer. Other artists were Bill Flanagan, Max Maher, Noel Clarke, (hey thats me!) and Marion Arthur, there are more and thanks to the help of my old mate, Cec Davis, I have now updated the list of names of friends that appearded on the Radio Ranch shows.
Bob Bennett, George Larson, Georgie Ellam, Col Millard, Merv McPherson, Les & Cec Davis, Cec Benstead and everyone's mate, the late singing postman and wonderful character Andy Flores. Another name that comes to mind was Wally Buchanan he was also a great mate.

Allan Carmichael was also a budding magician, he did tours with "Reveen" (a hypnotist) around northern NSW and I believe southern Queensland. In fact I caught up with Allan again after many years and he is now a full time magician.
Allan and Brian Baker aka "Ally" made our touring Radio Ranch shows a fun time for the artists appearing, and the audience sure had a fun time too. I cannot recall one show that was not a sellout.
Alan Carmichael
Allan Carmichael
aka "Kanga"
Sadly Allan passed away late in 2003.

I am so very grateful to Tom Crozier who gave so much of his time in searching his memory to supply me with his recollections to add his story about the early Radio Ranch days.

It is great to be able to add some photos of Tom, and for this I thank radio 2rph.

My sincere thanks also to Kevin Knapp and Phil Charley who were very much involved with the great Radio Ranch their stories have also been included. I'm sure the Ranch fans will enjoy reading their contributions to the "Radio Ranch WebPage"
Tom Crozier
At the microphone of Radio 2rph
Slim Dusty & Tom Crozier
Early pix with Slim Dusty

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